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I would like to participate in this lecture for two reasons.


First, I want to deepen my understanding of social movements from multiple perspectives. Since social movements have a significant impact on our happiness and well-being, it’s worth learning the effectiveness of these actions including how it becomes a huge movement and what is the biggest motive of them because in this modern society, social activity occurs relatively easily due to the advancement of the technology.

To comprehend social movements, it’s crucial factor to interact with students from the U.S. because the U.S. has extremely changed their nation many times by uniting a tremendous number of citizens until today. Also, they have completely different outlooks about social actions compared to Japanese. Therefore, this class would enable me to broaden my horizons by exchanging our opinions with knowledgeable American students. Moreover, acquiring the knowledge from this lecture might assist us in solving social problems that we are facing in the near future. That is to say, I think that there should be a hint of coping with our issues we have to overcome.


Another reason I would like to partake in this lecture is because I’m going to work in abroad in the future. Although I have been to 24 countries and also have studied in the U.S., I still need to improve my ability in both English skills and critical thinking in order to thrive my future career. In fact, this class is the optimal choice to enhance my capability, which is necessary, because there are great opportunities to deliver presentations and to discuss with diverse individuals.


To sum up, in order to develop my comprehending of social movements and to enlarge my capabilities, I would like to take part  in this lecture.