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問題:Some think the college education is very important. Others believe that college education is not of vital importance in one’s life. What’s your opinion and why?




I think the college education is not so imperative for a couple of reasons.


First, I can acquire an extensive knowledge thorough the use of Internet in modern society.


For example, since there are countless free educational websites, which provide a variety of studies from math to literature to astronomy, I can procure a broad expertise without attending classes. It also allows me to make a sufficient time and money to do new activities that bring the opportunity to expand my perspectives, such as meeting new people.


In addition, students can spare the time to explore the new sphere which they haven't been exposed to.


For instance, since they are not swamped with assignments, they can try what they truly want, because many university students don't realize what they really want when they get a occupation. Although significant, investing the time and money to seek the optimal forte is more crucial than going to the college in the long run.




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