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問題:Some believe that the students should do some part-time jobs or summer interns to determine their future career. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion and why?




I agree that students should work for some companies before deciding an occupation for a couple of reasons.



FIrst, we can recognize whether we have an apptitude for the job prior to working.

For example, most students tend to select their occupation based on social reputations, but the job which seems perfect is not necessarily ideal, thus doing internship allows us to shrink the gap between ideal one and reality. In fact, one-third freshman quit their job within 3 years, so this figure express the importance of experiencing beforehand.


In addition, we can expand our perspectives.


For instance, students are prone to acquire knowledge basically only on a desk, so gaining experience in the field enables them to broaden thier horizons. Indeed, they will be able to realize what they need to study during their university life.



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