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問題:Some believe that the students should take a one-year break before attending college. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion and why?




I disagree that students should take a one-year break before attending college for a couple of reasons.


First, they can raise their standards by interacting with talented peers.

For example, unlike high school, there are diverse individuals in college, thus students can realize what they really need to improve during college life. That is to say, if they take a yea-off before getting into college, they wouldn't be able to grow and they would miss many opportunities.


In addition, they tend to lack information.

For instance, the more they search, the more knowledge they will get, so they can make a better choice about what they would like to do for the length of that one-year break after college because they would be more mature and able to make better decision. 



to raise standard  基準をあげる


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