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I just want to write something I learned down today.


I've started acquiring vocaburary while learning with prefix. The prefix of the day is "a" signifies "of".


For example,

adown 「下方へ」 I went adown to 1st floor.

afresh「改めて」=anew  I need to experience anew. 新たに経験する

akin「同族の、類似した」Pity is akin to love. 哀れみと愛は紙一重 something akin to anger 怒りに似たもの

anew「改めて」=afresh I read that book anew. 改めてその本をよむ



I don't know how much I can keep on studying that way, but I'm sure it's a quite fun and easy way to procure new vocaburary !


I've recently had wasted my time so I'm now pledging to value every minutes of my time. 

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