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The words of the day are.....8 words.


The prefix is "a"="on"


aback 後ろへ I was taken aback by the news. (そのニュースに驚いた)(ニュアンスとしては、take aback でなんか面食らった的な感じ)


abed = in bed  He is ill abed (彼は病気で寝込んでいる)


ablaze = on fire 燃えたっている  The house was ablaze. The sky was ablaze with fireworks.


aboard = on board 船に 汽車に  I went aboard to the island. (島まで乗船した)


afloat = 浮かんで A rumor get afloat.


afoot = 進行中である 徒歩で I went afoot, The plans are afoot.


aground = on ground  a ship aground on the rocks 座礁した船


aloof = on loof  He stands aloof from others (他人から距離を置いている)



THere are many Prefix "a" and meanings, but it is not that difficult compared to what I expectd.

I think learning little by little is the key to retain vocaburary and knowledge, so I keep on doing every day....  






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