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I didn't write this blog yesterday because of meeting up with my fellows.


I ddin't used to last in doing almost anything in the past, thus I don't wanna be quitter again. so... Let's do practice!




abide 待つ abide in the same place 同じ場所にとどまる

alight 降りる I alight from a horse 馬から降りる

athirst 渇望して I'm athirst for knowledge 知識を渇望している


"a"="to, at, for"


abase (a=to, base=lower) 品格を下げる to abase one's character. 品格を下げる

abate (a=to, bate=to fight) 減ずる 弱める The storm didn't abate for several hours. 嵐は数日間止まらなかった

abridge (a=to, bridge=short) 短縮する  I abridged my writting task. 文章を縮める

amass 蓄える I wanna amass a large portion of fortunes. たくさんの財産を蓄えたい

avenge 復讐する I avenged my sempai. 先輩の仇をとった

avow 公言する 認める 自白する A person who avows all the time is preferable because this kind of person can learn from mistakes.


I talked with a English teacher about how to retain vocaburary. I was slightly aware of the fact that we need repetition when it comes to remembering, and our answer was the same as I thought.

Consequently, all I need to do is repeat saying new words over and over. That's it.










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