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問題:Should the university education be free? Why?




I think the university education should be free for everyone for a couple of reasons.


First, academic education allows us to improve our prospects for work and future.


For example, since there are variety of subjects from general education to specilized field, students can aquire a large amount of knowledge. Moreover, attending class provides us with opportunity to have discussions with knowledgeable professors and peers, which enables us to exposed to other cultures and backgrounds.


In addition, many university students are suffered from student loan.


For instance, since they get a student loan and have to repay in the future, many individuals spare lots of time to work part time at the expense of time for studying. In fact, this situation put a burden on students, and they are bound to lose precious time and opportunities that they can obtain in university life.


Consequently, the university education should be free in order to prosper students life and prospects.





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