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"a" = "ex" (=out, extremely)


abash = (a=extremely, bash=to express astonishment) 度を失わせる

Nothing can abash him. 彼はどんなことがあっても臆することがない。


I'm showing around our city to my friend's peers tomorrow, and I'm thrilled so much !


I was an intrepid for everything I had tried before but, I've recently been passive in everything. The reasons why I'm not so active now is because I've got too much pride about what I've done and also my ego has been shattered. As a result, I've started to avoid making the mistakes which might cause trouble and thwart growing.


Thus, I've been considering what is the most important facter to thrive my future....


and the answer is.... Lose myself and do the right thing without thinking mney or status.




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