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問題:Describe a school that you have attended.




I have attended a school which has been one of the most special school in Japan.

Mainly, there are two features of my high school.

First, it has been designated as a super global high school, which has aimed for nurturing students with highly leadership skills and ability to solve social issues.

The classes are held in Engish, moreover, there is a plenty of opportunities, such as studying abroad programs, entreprenuer studies, and social bisiness studies. Therefore, all students participate in social activities, which cultivate their capability and some of them are going to transfer to the university in abroad.


In addition, the facility was well-equipped.

During my school life, there were well-set-up resources, and the sufficiency of support for the students which allowed us to facilitate studying and to maximize the learning opportunity both in a class and in an extra carricurricular activity. Thus, students were able to perform to the best of their potential.




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