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問題:Some universities provide physical education. Others believe that physical education is not necessary. What do you think and why?




I think universities should provide physical education for a couple of reasons.


First, I has physical and psychological benefits.

For example, doing exercise allows me to feel more invigorated and my brain is more alert since the oxygen boost my memory. Moreover, when I get stressed out, from studies, I can combat any anxiety and tension.


In addition, P.E. also provide a great opportunity to interact with new people.

For instance, when we play team sports, we are bound to communicate with each other, which assists in creating a strong bonds. Also, this trigers us to get along with for an extended period.



"ab"=from, away from, off


abject = ab(away), ject(to throw) みじめな abject poverty 惨めな貧困


absolve=ab(away), solve(to loosen 解く)免除する absolve a person from an obligation. 責務から解放する


abcess=ab(away), cess(to go) 腫れ物 


abstruse=ab(away), truse(to thrust)難解な abstruse philosophy










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