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問題:Everyone has to leave home sometimes. What do you miss most when you are away from home? Please include specific examples and details in your explanation.




What I miss the most when I'm away from home is my family for a couple of reasons.


First, I cannot have my mom's cook every single day.

As I have eaten meals she's made since I was born, I'm used to eating them and love them. Indeed, she provides me with well-balanced cuisines so that I can grow up in optimal shape. 


In addition, I can feel the sense of belongings when I'm home.

Most of the time, I tend to feel unconfortable when I go to a new environment because of unfamilier cultures, different languages, and new relationships. In fact, feeling safe allows me to maximize overall perfomances since I can maintain my calm and peaceful emotions.



I'll make sentences using new vocabrary which is highly used in TOEFL :)


(The words of today) 

ambush (待ち伏せて急襲する) I was ambushed by a lion in savanna.


inflame ((情熱などを)かき立てる) The recent decision made by Trump inflamed tempers among many citizens. トランプが最近下した決断に多くの市民たちの怒りに火を付けた。


meager (乏しい、貧弱な) Japanese are inclined to say "Please accept our meager" when we give a present to others, but I think we shouldn't do that.


tripe (つまらないもの) His story is tripe most of the time because he tends to talk nonsense.


prawn (車海老) I wanna eat prawn!


offset (相殺する) His trust is offset by his cowardly act. 彼の信頼は、卑怯な言動によって相殺された。


See ya!










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