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問題:People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.




Going to an university or college has a significant impact on our progress and well-being because there are variety of opportunities to challenge new activities and to be exposed to diverse spheres. In fact, approximatory 60% of Japanese high school students are getting into an university or college and there has been an increase in number of people going to a faculty year by year. Compared to the past, many more individuals are admitted to universtiy, and come think of it, I think there are two reasons why they attend a university.


First, it has a huge advantage when it comes to prospect carrer. In fact, Japanese big companies assess the students based on their academy because people from a prominent university tend to be more talented and clever than low-level college. For example, when recuruting human resourses, there is a tremendous number of senior students who apply for a company, thus they have no choice but to reject the students from lower level of college or non-degree students. Moreover, taking general education and deepening a specific field of study for 4 years is instructive in working because basic skills allow them to flourish their future carrer. Consequently, students are going to a university in order to take advantage of the chance to prosper a future occupation.


Another reason I think they are attending university is because they are able to broaden their horizens. Indeed, just as a student, many people and organization, such as government, companies, and faculties help them improve their potential ability. For example, they can study abroad in distinct nations while not only receiving scholarship or fund from various institutes but also participating in usuful programs, such as global leadership programs. In addition, in a small scale seminar, they can interact with diverse individuals exchanging opinions, which expand their perspectives. Hence, in order to widen outlooks, they attend a university.



To sum up, they are going to an university or college because of the advantage of attending class and the opportunity it has. Hopefully, government should support more students who cannot afford it since there are great potential in an university life.














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