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問題:Some college students choose to take courses in a variety of subject areas in order to get a broad education. Others choose to focus on a single subject area in order to have a deeper understanding of that area. Which approach to course selection do you think is better for students and why?




I think taking courses in a variety of subject areas is better for students for a couple of reasons.


First, they can find what they really want to do while acquiring a broad education.

For example, when I think of Japan, since getting into an university is the main goal for most students, they don't know what they really want to learn or to achieve in their student lives. Thus, being exposed to diverse spheres is going to be the optimal way to consider their future careers and to find their internal passion. 


In addition, getting a whole picture is imperative to fully understand.

Since we are going to keep on learning for a long time, it's essential to grasp the big picture. Therefore, obtaining general education will help comprehend the big picture and the detail perspective.












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