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問題:Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.







Over the past decade, the food industry had tremendous growth and improvements. This, together with technological advancements, has made it much easier to prepare food and cook at home. Therefore, I think this change has improved the way people reside because they can cook virtually all recipes by means of employing cooking application. Also, they can spend more time on more important tasks by utilizing the advancement of the technology.


First, the innovative cooking applications are boon to those who are not good at cooking cuisines since these technologies allow them to prepare food much more easily with clear demonstration. In fact, these apps clarify in both what ingredients they need and how to cook easily and fast because they manifest the way of cooking following procedures courteously. For example, by using the app called Kurashiru, we can find any meals on it, and it demonstrates all ingredients we need and how food is made while playing at double speed. Moreover, if they have any questions, they can ask the person who made a recipe until they can prepare it correctly. Hence, taking into consideration the benefits for those who are not adept at preparing food, state-of-arts technology facilitates cooking.



In addition, since the evolutionary utensils enable us to save more time, they can utilize their spare time in other activities. Indeed, minimizing the cooking period make it possible to utilize this span for important tasks like professional tasks, reading books, and spending time with family and friends. For instance, some individuals can have more time to earn as much money as they can. Others can develop their interests or hobbies like sports, photographing, and music instruments. Whatever people chose to spend time on, they feel their lives are satisfying and fulfilling. Consequently, in terms of time efficiency, the improvements of these appliances assist in creating more time to use time more effectively.



To sum up, after taking into account the simplification of cooking and the time consuming, the improvements of technology have a significant impact on the way people live. And I believe that any hussle of food preparation will be much lessen in our life in the future.




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