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問題:Some people believe that we should help those in an emergency. Others think that we should first make clear of the situation, then decide whether to assist or not. What’s your opinion? Please include specific details in your explanation.




I believe that we should first clarify the situation in an emergency for a couple of reasons.


First, mapping out thoroughly allows the work more efficient.

For example, when we reorganize the damaged area, we first need to scrutinize and grasp the situation promptly, which assists in planning to restore. By doing so, we will be able to gather a necessary number of people and to offer a sustainable support.


On the contrary, helping those in an emergency without arrangement seems good on a paper, but it won't work.


Since the bigger the effect is, the more period we need to work on for reconstruction, it is furtile to go ahead and help out because of the lack of plan. Also, helpers cannot continue doing and gathering adequate people to join them without deliberation.




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