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問題:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Please give specific reasons for your opinion. Parents should restrict the TV programs that are watched by their kids instead of letting the kids watch TV programs freely.




I agree that parents should restrict the TV program that are watched by their kids for a couple of reasons.


First, children should play outside rather than inside.

For example, by doing exercise such as, playing sports, they can cultivate overall social skills because they communicate with fellows. In addition, in the process of achieving their goals, they will learn how to overcome any hardship and adversity.


Second, watching TV for a long time has an adverse impact on their health.

For instance, sitting in chair while eating snacks is detrimental to their bodies and brain functions. Also, since most TV companies tend to broadcast negative news, such as terrorism, it could stoke anxiety over their daily lives so they sould be restricted time by parents.





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