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問題:Describe one of the most important inventions in recent 100 years. Explain why it is so important. Your explanation should include specific examples and details.




The Internet is one of the most important inventions for a couple of reasons.


First, it allows us to connect with a lot more peope from all over the world.

For example, we didin't use to keep in touch with foreigners who we met while traveling, but thanks to the improvements of the internet, we can maintain our relationship more easily by utilizing Facebook or e-mails.even though we don't reside together.


In additon, computers have changed our overall lifestyle.

For instance, now that we can combine our body and technology, it facilitates maintaining our health condition in optimal shape. Moreover, we can watch virtually all movies at home by subscribing to Netflix, instead of going to theater, so we can save much more money and time by comparison to the past.








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