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問題::Some believe that in comparison with those never attended college, people attended college will be more successful in career. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Please give specific reasons for your opinion.




I believe that people attended college wil be more successful for a couple of reasons.


First, most prominent entreprenuers went to universities, even though some had dropped out of them.

For example, Steve Jobs created cool gadget, such as Mac by using the idea deriving from the caligraphy classes he had taken at college. That is to say, the basic knowledge based on college is one of the important aspect of being successful.


In addition, since universities possess knowledgeable professors, students can acquire a tremendous amount of knowledge.

For instance, students can obtain information that we cannot get from books or the Internet, because the faculty has advanced knowkedge. Thus students would come up with great ideas by combining the latest information and their own notions.




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