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問題:Describe a celebration or moment which has made a deep impression on you. Please explain the impression and include specific examples and details in your explanation.




New Year's Day has made a deep impresion on me for a couple of reasons.


First, I can have a feast in this season.



For example, in Japan, we usually reunite with all relatives during this season, and we have traditional cuisine, such as Osechi and Ozouni, so we have the time of our life.


In addition, I can get "Otoshidama", which signifies rewards in the form of money.

For instance, until I start working, I can obtain Otoshidama, which is a gift of pocket money from my parents and relatives. As a student, I'm on a tight budget and it helps me to buy any products I require. Thus, I often buy books to educate myself, so I can expand my knowledge and perspectives.



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